Professional Business Fraternity
Zeta Eta | St. Peter's University
Our Chapter

Professionalism is one of the staples of Zeta Eta. Delta Sigma Pi was founded on the principle of becoming the best professional you can be, and finding the right job for you. With the right knowledge and tools which the fraternity bestows upon you, this goal is possible. 

We pride ourselves in being the most professionally driven business students on campus. With numerous professional events and guest speakers throughout the year, Zeta Eta continues to better our knowledge of the business world, and learns from very successful professionals what it truly takes to strive within Wall Street and global business market.  The chapter of Zeta Eta can give you that edge when looking towards the job market. The amount of network and inside access is abundant in the aims of getting our brothers jobs.

 Collegiate Brothers

Anderson, Ryan         

Andrade, Nohely

Arzeno Rojas, Jean Paul

Babcock, Victoria

*Baez, Alicia

Berry, Isabella

Bertrand, Arthur

Bishop, Gabrielle

Brizuela, David

Budniak, Magdalena

Calle, Jason

*Casanova, Sarah

Charles, Zablon

Chavez, Kevin

Connors, Justin

*Crincoli, Anthony

Custodio, George

*Doody, Elizabeth

Estrada, Chantel

Fardos, Nadira

Figuereo, Rafael

Fusaro, Gianna

Grullon, Gira

Guilherme, Jeniffer

*Hernandez, Barbara

Hernandez, Ruby

Herrera, Juan Carlos

Ildefonso, Jayson

*Kourmousis, George

Labrador, Bennett

Lopez, Andrea

Lopez, Brandon

Lopez, Luis

Magdaraog, Nina Marie

*Manosalvas, Diego

*Martin, Robert

Minaya, Ibelmis

Mokaya, Elinor

*Munoz Tepan, Cinthya

Okaro, Joshua

*Padilla, Joshua

Paiva, Barbara

Palma, Gabriel

*Parrilla, Jessica

Pham, Evelynn

Rodriguez-Jaquez, Lisbeth

Rojas, Elissa

Rojas, Jennifer

Rosenthal, Mikaela

*Sadek, Nicolas

Sakho, Mohamed

Sanchez, Kimberlyn

Shaw, Kagan

*Singh, Ripunjay

Soto, Yamil

Steward, Gail

Togias, Helena

Toler, Jah'fear

Valbuena, Christine

*Varela, Devin

Ventura, Keven

Vergara, Genesis

Whitfield, Jacia

Yabis, Franz Lalaine

*Indicates Chapter Officers

Faculty Brothers

Dr. Mary Kate Naatus, Dean of the Business School                                             Dr. Karl C. Alorbi, Chapter Advisor

Dr. Chanaz Gargouri                                                                                               Dr. Raymond T. Butkus

Dr. Joseph Gilkey                                                                                                    Dr. Marilu Marcillo

Lori Ann Buza, CPA, JD                                                                                         Dr. Louis Ruvuolo

Taina Cutler                                                                                                             Crecenzo Fonzo

Daryl Levy                                                                                                              Eric Sekel

Edward Daniel                                                                                                        Claudia Pope-Bayne